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evelopment trend of CNC plasma cutting technology at home and abroad (two)

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In some aspects, the technical performance of the product is even more than that of the foreign products:

1 electromagnetic compatibility technology of numerical control system and plasma system

This is the key to the success of CNC plasma cutting machine, only to solve this problem, in order to achieve the digital control of plasma cutting.

2 special control software that meets the requirements of the hot cutting process

The characteristics of the control software are as follows:

(1) the use of graphical input, more intuitive than the code input, fast and convenient operation.

(2) Chinese interface, more suitable for China's national conditions.

(3) the input mode is diversified, and all the control instructions.

(4) by using the automatic nesting programming software, the utilization ratio of the plate can be increased by about 10%.

3 power plasma system

The system has 100% temporary load rate and complete numerical control interface, arc pressure interface, remote control interface, and provides a full set of interface accessories, so as to realize the close integration with CNC system.

Three, the development of foreign CNC plasma cutting technology

Foreign CNC cutting machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Germany, the United States and japan. The main manufacturers in Germany Issa (ESAB), Meisel (MESSER), Japan's Tanaka (TANAKA), small (KOIKE), L-TEC of America, Lin De (LINDA) etc.. To represent the highest level of CNC plasma cutting technology manufacturers in Germany, Germany Issa CNC cutting machine is one of the world's most complete varieties, the most versatile, the highest level, including almost all CNC non-contact cutting tool cutting machine. The NEC520 continuous trajectory controller and RPC600 (single or double parallel) water jet plasma system can cut 130mm sheet metal; with HD3070 fine plasma can be 1 ~ 12mm of metallic materials (7.6m/min) implementation of high speed and high precision (close to the lower limit of laser cutting cutting).

The above configuration represents the highest configuration of CNC plasma cutting machine, the main features are as follows:

(1) the whole process of automatic cutting, that is, plasma cutting, such as the initial position, arc striking, punching, cutting, adjusting, lifting and so on, can be completed under the command of NC, and the parameters can be modified by programming.

(2) the function is to increase the flexibility of CNC machine tools by adding different accessories, which provides the basis for the next process, positioning, welding, storage. For example marking function can provide installation and positioning benchmark. Plasma cutting for X, V, Y and K shaped groove processing, which not only can complete straight groove can also complete curve, circular arc groove, provide convenience for welding.

(3) under water cutting plate can effectively reduce thermal deformation, suppress the dust, noise, arc and splash.

The company's American Hypertherm plasma system represents the highest level in today's world of plasma system, the product specifications covering from the ordinary plasma, water jet plasma until all fine plasma cutting thermal plasma system. Ordinary plasma power output current is 20 ~ 200A, the cutting thickness of less than 50mm; water jet plasma power output current up to 1000A, the cutting thickness of less than 130mm; fine plasma power output current up to 100A, the cutting thickness was less than 12mm, the fine plasma cutting seam width of 0.65 ~ 0.75mm, and the CNC cutting machine with precision cutting to + 0.2mm.

Four, domestic CNC plasma cutting technology and the gap between foreign countries