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Development trend of CNC plasma cutting technology at home and abroad (three)

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Foreign developed countries cutting industry 90% for CNC cutting machine material, only 10% for manual cutting, and our country with CNC cutting machine cutting down only under the total amount of material of less than 10%, of which the proportion of CNC plasma cutting smaller. Most still use manual or semi-automatic cutting, heavy backward, high labor intensity, low production efficiency and serious waste of materials, so it is very necessary to develop and popularize the CNC plasma cutting machine in order to change this situation.

On domestic CNC cutting machine gap with foreign products, NC flame cutting machine, there is no big difference, the performance is relatively stable, but the domestic cutting machine to ensure quality, some of the main components such as solenoid valve, relief valve, AC servo system are imported, the quality of the domestic components is still not stable. CNC plasma cutting machine is not much difference between the total performance and only with imported equipment, CNC plasma cutting machine supporting the plasma power gap with foreign countries more, many users are willing to use imported plasma power is enough to explain the problem, so the development of CNC plasma cutting and its related technology is also very important.

In short, no matter from the incision quality, durability and other parts of the domestic and imported still have a certain gap, so to completely replace imports must be based on the production of spare parts.

Five, market and application prospects

In early 1980s before the CNC cutting machine cutting machine all the domestic market by foreign occupation, in late 80s, domestic CNC cutting machine was gradually produced and put on the market at the beginning of 90s, with the rapid development of domestic CNC cutting machine, the rapid expansion of the market, forcing foreign companies to develop the domestic cutting machine price is greatly reduced. In the late 90s, due to the quality of CNC flame cutting machine has stabilized, the price is also significantly lower than in previous years, it has gradually replaced the import machine.

As China's industrial modernization, the domestic market demand for CNC cutting machine has been increasing year by year, and the developed countries because it is in use has a large number of CNC flame cutting machines, so the popularity of CNC plasma cutting machine has certain constraints, while China's CNC cutting machine and application technology started late, the formation of the gap between supply and demand, resulting in China's especially the potential market of CNC cutting machine CNC plasma cutting machine is huge.

According to statistics, in recent years, China's annual CNC plasma cutting machine market demand of about 500 units, and there is an increasing trend, the surrounding area of the economic development of our country and we show good prospects for the international market. At present, the development trend of CNC plasma cutting machine should be fully automatic, multifunctional, high power and high quality.

Six, conclusion

In twenty-first Century, China's CNC cutting industry is facing new challenges, the international market competition is more intense. We should aim at the world advanced level, and constantly develop new products, to generally improve the domestic industry technical level, the only way to eliminate the low-grade, low-quality products, clean up the market, drive the industry manufacturers to change their business philosophy; at the same time, efforts in strengthening scientific research and development, technical innovation and quality management, China's NC cutting industry rapidly to reach the world advanced level, to revitalize national industry, improve the comprehensive strength of our country.