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The development trend of CNC plasma cutting technology at home and abroad

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I. overview

CNC plasma cutting technology is a collection of numerical control technology, computer software and hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech. The level of equipment can completely change the domestic thermal cutting industry development of CNC plasma cutting machine, the poor quality of reverse heat cutting efficiency existing industry, low labor intensity, low material utilization, environment dirty and messy situation, narrowing the gap with foreign advanced countries. At the same time, the development of CNC plasma cutting technology can drive the related fields and disciplines to reach the international advanced level.

Flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting are the three main methods of thermal cutting.

Flame cutting with cutting deformation, can not adapt to the needs of high precision cutting, and cutting speed is low, before cutting need to preheat, take time, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of unmanned operation. Plasma cutting has a wide cutting range, can cut all metal plates and many non-metallic materials, the maximum cutting speed up to 10m/min, is 10 times the flame cutting. To eliminate the noise generated during the cutting in cutting under water, dust, harmful gas and arc, conducive to the protection of the environment, comply with the requirements for environmental protection in twenty-first Century. At present, with the development of high power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has reached 130mm, and the high power plasma cutting by water jet technology has made the cutting quality close to the lower limit of laser cutting (+ 0.2mm). The laser cutting machine is expensive, and is only suitable for cutting sheet (usually a long time limit, punching plate) and fine plasma cutting machine precision laser cutting, the cutting quality of the cutting surface approximation, but far less than the cost of laser cutting is about 1/3, the maximum cutting thickness of up to 12mm, so with fine plasma cutting machine to replace the expensive laser cutting machine, is conducive to the most economical way to a larger amount of sheet, the implementation of high speed precision cutting. In addition, CNC plasma cutting and automatic nesting programming software can improve the utilization ratio of 5% to 10%, the annual cut of the T meter, the annual savings of steel to 100 ~ 2 million T, worth billions of dollars. Therefore, in the developed countries, the development trend of numerical control plasma cutting machine instead of flame cutting machine and laser cutting machine has been developed. Therefore, it is of great significance to study and popularize the technology of NC plasma cutting.

Two, the development of CNC plasma cutting technology in China

China's CNC flame cutting technology started in mid 1980s, and the CNC plasma cutting machine is much later, with most of the economic type CNC plasma cutting machine (SCM as the core, the stepper motor as a drive component). China has been engaged in CNC cutting machine manufacturing factory was up to more than and 50, scattered strength, many manufacturers are the predecessor of welding tools factory, technology foundation. Throughout the 80s, domestic enterprises are unable to compete with foreign companies in terms of product mix and production scale.

After entering in 90s, some domestic companies aim at the world advanced level, and constantly develop new products for CNC cutting machine, advanced level and main technical indexes of some products have reached similar foreign equipment, at the same time as the role of the market economy, the current domestic production of CNC cutting machine manufacturers have been adjusted to 20 several. But the strong comprehensive strength and competitive strength only meisaier cutting and welding Co. Ltd., Shanghai Issa Hancock Co. Ltd., Harbin Huawei welding cutting equipment Co., Ltd. Harbin Sihai CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen bolichang CNC cutting equipment has several limited, Wuxi Hualian welding equipment factory, Beijing Baihui HTC Technology Co. ltd.. They generally have independent research and development capabilities, production scale, product specifications, variety, quality and stability, high credibility. Therefore, in the bidding activities often win, yields are generally more than thirty or forty units, and some even more than 100 units. Of course, although some small enterprises, but also have their own characteristics, to meet the needs of different enterprises.

Some domestic CNC plasma cutting products in many areas has formed its own unique characteristics, to achieve the "automation, multi-function and high reliability".