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C steel machine superb technology leading the machinery manufacturing industry

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Manufacture and test of C type steel welding ball node welding ball is hot and cold in two ways, the production of the ball for hot rolling. The detailed steps are as follows: plate material; hot rolled hemisphere; mechanical processing; welding assembly. Method for the production of hot rolled ball is easy to produce thick wall irregularly, "tumor" and "lotus leaf" and so on, pressure tile machine for wall thickness the average degree of limit. The ball does not allow "long", "lotus leaf" should be cut in the cut edge.

The roundness of the C type steel ball (the difference between the minimum diameter and the maximum diameter), not only affects the size of the assembly, but also causes the node eccentricity. Due to the lack of consideration of the wear and compression ratio of the cooling die and so on, it is often the case that the diameter of the finished ball is too small. As a result, there is a clear constraint on the diameter deviation of the grid.

The manufacture of bolt ball: there are two kinds of blank processing methods, one is forging, the other is forging. Casting the ball easily cracks, blisters; forging ball of good quality, high efficiency and low cost. C type steel machine finished rolling C steel machine equipment has good bending machine can good flatness, automatic cutting, punching, active, high level of automation device, fast and convenient, can be used as the main products of large and medium-sized industrial and civil building force structure, such as workshop, garage, the exhibition hall, theater, city flower awning roof bearing load with flat wall support.