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Application of numerical control flame cutting technology in metal manufacturing industry

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With the continuous development of the metal manufacturing industry, the production process of NC flame cutting technology has been widely used in the welding parts. In order to shorten the gap with the industry, improve the overall quality of welding parts, CNC flame cutting technology is imminent. The application of this technology, embodied in the NC flame cutting machine, not only can improve the overall quality of welding parts, but also can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, saving time for the production of a variety of spare parts. The numerical control flame cutting technology has the characteristics of high cutting precision, good appearance quality, saving fuel, reasonable layout of the whole material, high degree of automation and so on.

The numerical control cutting technology applies in the numerical control cutting machine, the numerical control cutting machine entire movement process is the numerical control cutting technology concrete manifestation. Win2dows95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP as the operating platform, the main use of AutoCAD graphics, InteGNPSv16.16OEMHoneybee as a programming software, the general layout system v2.0 layout.

The preparatory work before cutting includes drawing, layout, programming, laying steel plate, auxiliary work and so on. After receipt of the material, the careful examination, according to the characteristics of the drawing, the use of AutoCAD drawing software for drawing, the use of computer graphics can improve the accuracy, to avoid the manual drawing caused by the size deviation. According to the drawing of a single pattern and the existing sheet shape, the use of general layout system v2.0 software for typesetting, the use of this software layout to avoid the waste of materials, improve the utilization of materials. According to the layout of the layout, the use of InteGNPSv16.16OEMHon2eybee software for NC programming, the line can be drawn through the boundary of the pattern, so as to save the original fuel, but also improve the efficiency. The plate laying plate frame to CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine for steel plate edge and keep track parallel error in 0 ~ 4mm, which is beneficial to the cutting is looking to improve the cutting speed, material utilization and cutting quality. The auxiliary work is mainly used to open the pipeline oxygen regulator and acetylene regulator, adjust the oxygen pressure is less than or equal to 0.5MPa, the propylene pressure is less than 0.05MPa, pressure after adjustment, the two open the valve, will be adjusted to the perpendicular to the face of the cutting nozzle.

After other work is finished, the ignition is cut. In the process of cutting, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of cutting and cutting, which is caused by the serious corrosion of steel plate or the interference of external force.