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Export of investment products will be

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Vice Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng recently said that the recent foreign media on the quality of Chinese products is very concerned about the issue, to some extent, affected the export of Chinese products. He believes that the media attention on the quality of Chinese products and Chinese food safety is reasonable, safety and quality of food Chinese people's attention is no less than consumers in other countries.

Director of the State Administration of quality inspection after Li Changjiang guest at the CCTV "dialogue" program, said: "the foreign media by individual China product quality problems, China threat or deliberate propaganda products to demonize Chinese products, I personally think that this is a new form of trade protectionism."

The notorious Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, had a "famous saying" - a lie repeated one thousand times would turn into truth. Although the American toy maker Mattel etc. that is mainly caused by quality problems for the improper design, and Chinese manufacturers only negative secondary responsibility, although initially let us "China" made by Goebbels, but their critics rendered speechless, "saying" the enlightenment began a new round of large-scale speculation, "a lie repeated one thousand times" posture.

Monitoring and control of the advantages

Of course, the author thinks that our country has some problems in the supervision and control of the quality of consumer goods. The China production of consumer goods exports of small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct quality supervision innumerable, effective government. At the same time, a large number of consumer goods of inferior quality and low price and export price war, the China labor-intensive consumer goods in a foreign country on the back of low quality and low price and low-quality notoriety, it makes Chinese consumer products brand greatly increased the difficulty of.

The author believes that the reason why the general quality of consumer goods export control out of control, low price promotions and big price war, mainly due to its low technical content and low barriers to entry, resulting in too many production enterprises. And mechanical equipment as the representative of the export of investment products, to a considerable extent, to avoid the emergence of such a situation.

At present, China's investment in machinery and equipment represented by most of the products are technology intensive products, the threshold is much higher, especially large, complex investment products, fewer manufacturers. Such as port container handling equipment by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery exclusive production and export of metallurgical equipment is mainly composed of a double Chinese weight, production, production of large power equipment only Dongfang Electric, Shanghai electric, Harbin power station of three big groups, mainly in the production of large ships and shipbuilding Chinese ship two group......

It can be said that the production of large complex investment products has formed a pattern of oligopolistic competition, not easy to fight price war.

Market value advantage

Once China's investment products are recognized by foreign customers, orders from abroad will increase dramatically. If the product is in short supply can also be appropriate to raise prices, such as the export of domestic passenger cars in short supply situation, the national bus factory are busy working overtime production, export prices also showed an upward trend.

According to data released by the customs, in 2005 China's exports of passenger cars 5961, an increase of 40.26%, the average price of bicycle exports rose to $30183, an increase of 83.02%. This vicious competition exports of clothing and other consumer goods price increase, in stark contrast.

At the same time, these investment products production enterprises are large and medium-sized enterprises have a good reputation, a small number of companies, but also facilitate the government to supervise and control the quality, quality reputation helps restore Chinese products. Facts show that the quality of these products is very reliable, very few quality problems.

A radical plan to reduce anti-dumping

A huge number of "China manufacturing" consumer goods as a flood of the thousands of households, in American life every day to deal with "Chinese manufacturing" consumer goods, cannot do without even to the extent of the "China manufacturing" consumer goods "in the United States is very eye-catching, which naturally caused American media and the concern of the community. Cheap "Chinese manufacturing" for the United States in reducing U.S. consumer spending, inflation, reducing the U.S. budget deficit and other contributions, because it is invisible, completely ignored by americans. Not only in the United States, but also in other countries.

With tens of thousands of kinds of consumer goods in Chinese manufacturing "under the" exposure "during peaceful times in contrast to export and use, investment products export is not entered into the factory and tens of thousands of households, mainly, transportation and other fields.

It can be said that the export of machinery and equipment as the representative of investment products is a kind of "invisible exports" and "invisible use", naturally will not cause the country's media and social concern. It is precisely because the export of investment products is a kind of invisible exports, the possibility of encountering foreign anti-dumping will be greatly reduced. The same is true of the case, China's export of foreign investment products encountered in anti-dumping investigations and sanctions cases. In other words, only to develop investment products for export, in order to avoid possible anti-dumping, which is to minimize the number of anti-dumping primarystrategy, but also helps to improve the quality of the credibility of Chinese products gradually. Investment products in the export growth

In September 11, 2006, the Wall Street Journal reported that, although the attention was paid to China's footwear and clothing exports and trade restrictions imposed by trade protectionism