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Steel prices continued to rise machinery manufacturing enterprises to actively respond

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This year, the country's important means of production prices at high levels of shock, this trend is particularly evident in the steel industry. Steel prices, the brunt of the impact of the "steel as the grain" of the machinery manufacturing enterprises. Machinery manufacturing companies have said that they are both injured and helpless. But they also believe that the market price fluctuations, steel prices will eventually fall back to a reasonable range.

National Bureau of statistics data show that by the end of 8 in 2007, the country's 30 major cities in the average price of steel varieties of the top 4345 yuan per ton of $five, an increase of 5.8%, an increase of 16.8%. The national development and Reform Commission subsequently announced that the beginning of September, the domestic steel prices rising for 7 consecutive weeks, until the national day to calm down. Steel prices continued to rise sharply, so that the relevant enterprises on the industry chain downstream screaming too much.

CSR: product prices are not synchronized

"Our days are so sad! One side is a substantial increase in raw materials, while our products can not simultaneously raise prices." Chinese South Locomotive Industry Group Company mampc director Song Fengcheng at the other end of the phone to reporters. "". His "bitter" is an important problem faced by most industrial enterprises at present.

Song Fengcheng said that now the average price of steel and the same period last year, an increase of 300 yuan per ton. But the price of this part of the cost can only be their own digestion, because the agreement signed by the Ministry of Railways and the price is fixed, it is impossible to pass on the price of the cost of the motorcycle to go up. Companies and steel mills have not signed a long-term contract, is a monthly shipment of goods, so the impact of changes in the steel market is very large. If steel prices continue to rise, the company will be in next year's orders will consider the price of steel into the tender, and strive to get the support of the Ministry of Railways on the tender.

He told reporters that if the steel prices continued to climb, reasonable will squeeze the locomotive manufacturing enterprise profit space, and then affect the enterprise capital chain, will ultimately affect the overall situation of economic construction. Also hope that the Ministry of Railways to understand the difficulties of these locomotive manufacturers, objective understanding of the market situation, in the next year's bid to consider some of the raw material prices.

Kazakhstan motor: only self digestion price factors

As CSR situation also exists in the power equipment manufacturing enterprises. Reporters learned that the power equipment manufacturing industry is a big consumer of raw materials, the average power equipment manufacturing enterprises raw materials costs account for more than 60% of production costs, so the iron and steel, nonferrous metal price fluctuations is very sensitive.

Harbin electric factory limited liability company, a person in charge said that this year the price of steel has affected the production and operation of enterprises. Kazakhstan almost one hundred percent of the materials required for the motor is steel, only a year on the use of steel plate of 25 thousand tons, with a sheet, cold-rolled plate, etc., is expected to increase the cost of steel only about $30 million this year. However, these large enterprises as they are to undertake the project at the state level, if steel prices affect the production schedule, it can not guarantee to the station on time delivery, breach of contract loss is very large, is not to make money to finish the task. According to reports, the majority of orders to undertake a ha and a half years ago, the price will not be adjusted because of the current high steel prices, the price of this part of the cost of their own digestion.

Reporters learned that the main users of electric power equipment is the power company and the Power Grid Corp, so that users of "price" pricing model in the procurement of power equipment, the raw material price fluctuation risk to equipment suppliers, so as to control the annual budget. As the sales price has been locked, in this mode, the power equipment manufacturers have to bear all the risks of rising raw material prices.

Sany: to strengthen cost control against internal and external pressure

Experts recommend equipment manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the cost control to resist the pressure of raw material prices. Reporters learned that some of the equipment manufacturing enterprises because of the high volatility of raw materials to see, and the cost pressures and difficult to pass on this long-term trend to the user, so long ago began the cost control work.

Reporters learned from the Sany group marketing department, in the first half of this year, Sany finance from the R & D, manufacturing, distribution and operational support for the cost of the headquarters of Changsha in 2007 were planning and control. In the R & D, Sany has taken the selection of steel optimization, material integration, reduce the design cost and optimize the process flow and other measures. For example, the raw material selection system revision, drawing revision means, Changsha the various specifications compression rate of 29%; the formulation and implementation of the scheme to reduce the design cost, Changsha of 9 kinds of product design costs have been reduced in different degree, the paver design change 27, achieve cost 30 thousand yuan to effectively control the cost.

Sany's cost control system is very specific and detailed, from transportation costs, outsourcing processing costs to office expenses, telephone charges, have a clear goal planning. Since the first half of this year, the implementation of office cost control, the actual cost of office than the target cost savings of more than 30 thousand yuan, the actual cost of the phone than the target cost savings of more than 80 thousand yuan.

In view of rising steel prices, the industry's general view is that the downstream steel enterprises must actively respond to strengthen the establishment of cost management system, the implementation of supply chain cost management, relying on the scale to reduce costs, rely on thin