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Composite processing machine tools came into being need to strengthen after-sales service

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How to improve productivity in manufacturing is an eternal topic.

Today, the mechanical processing has the following characteristics: multi varieties, small batch production; short delivery time; light, complex performance, increased complexity of the shape of the product. In order to meet this demand, the compound processing machine tool arises at the historic moment. Due to the failure of the composite processing machine is not easy to repair, so the manufacturer's after-sales service requirements increased.

Different forms of composite

The meaning of the compound processing machine tool is to realize the whole process from the embryo to the finished product on a machine tool. Can greatly improve the varieties of single and small batch processing efficiency, reduce the conversion process in different CNC machine tools between caused Daigong and repeated loading and unloading time. Usually these time to account for the entire part of the production cycle of 40%~60%. In particular, the compound processing machine tool is in a machine tool to complete the whole process of the product, in the past need more than 2~3 sets of various types of machine tools to achieve. From the analysis of the manufacturing cost of the machine, can save more than two times the steel raw material costs; from the analysis of machine tool equipment investment, can save two times more than the production area; from the analysis of machine tool production cost, can greatly save manpower resources, power resources, improve the processing efficiency of more than two times; from the analysis of the machining accuracy of machine tool the card can be loaded, one-time reduction of workpiece installation error, greatly improve the machining precision.

At the beginning of the year, the compound processing machine tool of Japan was based on the lathe, and the milling function was strengthened. This is because almost all of the lathe machining of the workpiece to be two milling and hole machining. At the beginning of the development of composite processing machine tool is to synthesize these processes for the purpose of.

However, the recent compound machining machine tool from the original to the main turning, turning into the main body of the milling process, instead of the use of the processing center more up.

Composite machining machine tool based on turning. The foundation of this kind of machine tool in the horizontal machining center and vertical turning center on the integration of milling, drilling and tapping, boring, grinding and hobbing and gear shaping process, a horizontal or vertical milling compound machine tool. Representative of Austria WF company, Japan MAZAK company and Germany DMG company.

Austria WFL company M65 horizontal milling machine has a certain representation. The whole machine adopts the traditional horizontal lathe layout, the bed is 60 degrees inclined bed structure of high rigidity, large size linear guide rails for special design with high rigidity and excellent vibration resistance. The bed is turning spindle box, with the function of C axis. Right end tailstock. The inclined upper bed is car, milling, boring spindle device can along the longitudinal direction (Z axis) and horizontal (X axis) and radial (Y axis) linear motion and rotary motion swing B axis. In addition, the B axis can also be 2.5 degrees for the unit, with the whirlwind milling machine. The lower part of the inclined bed is a bracket in the center of the longitudinal and transverse can maneuver control, for supporting a workpiece end face and the boring hole processing cannot use tailstock device.

Milling combined machine tool. This kind of machine tool based on horizontal machining center and vertical machining center integrates turning, drilling and tapping, boring, grinding and hobbing and gear shaping process, a horizontal or vertical milling compound machine tool. Such as Japan MAZAK company IN, TEGREXe-800V/5, e-1550V10 horizontal milling and turning composite machining tool, increase rotary cutting function at work five axis horizontal machining center, can be installed in a card on the circular disc parts complete machining lathe and milling machine process. INTE - GREXe-500HS vertical milling and turning composite machining tool in machine tool at the left and right ends are respectively provided with a chuck with the rotary spindle, the right end of the chuck in the axial expansion, but on the long axis parts of the top card processing, can also be processed at the same time to work at both ends of the two short shaft parts of the car, in the milling process the.

In addition to the above two types of popular composite processing machine tools, there are many other types of composite processing machine tools, such as for the processing of rod DMG, DMC60S, WILLEMIN, Switzerland, W-518MT, etc.. Based on the grinding machine tool and grinding head rotary (or movable) composite processing machine, machine tool and other laser processing, stamping, heat treatment and other processes together.

Software support indispensable

However, due to the complex processing, the structure of the machine tool becomes more complex. The function and processing content increasing, vibration and heat processing makes the situation is different, which requires the design of mechanical structure can be different with the situation. And compound machine tool due to functional diversification, also put forward higher requirements on the corresponding program, which requires enterprises to work harder in the service.

Because of the complexity of the machine tool and the diversification of the special accessories, maintenance is complicated. With the increasingly complex mechanical structure, maintenance and failure of the corresponding measures are also complicated. The customer because of the higher cost of the purchase of machine tools, to reduce costs and improve efficiency put forward higher requirements, and some even require 24 hours of continuous operation of equipment. In this way, rapid, accurate, continuous maintenance services have become a must.

In addition, the composite processing machine tool needs to avoid the interference of the tool and the work piece, realizes the high accuracy control and must make the complex control processing and so on