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Chinese machine tool enterprises to open up the internationalization of the second routes

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From the introduction of pure technology to foreign companies, Chinese machine tool enterprises are not satisfied at home on the toss. Obviously, in addition to the acquisition of M & a technology, but also access to the existing research and development team, marketing channels and international brands and other related resources, and the cost is relatively low. However, how to control these foreign companies after merger and acquisition, make full use of these resources for their strategic objectives, which is much more complicated than the acquisition itself. Therefore, it is now asserted that China's machine tool companies have found a shortcut to achieve international operations, it is inevitable some arbitrary. However, the courage to step out of this, no doubt is a kind of progress, but also a useful exploration.

Chinese machine tool enterprises to open up the internationalization of the second routes"

The "world factory" transfer to the lower labor costs in developing countries, is an irresistible trend, with the consumer market and the migration tool, leading the world machine tool industry integration and restructuring again. It is undeniable that the passion of the rise of China's manufacturing is profoundly affecting the new round of strategic layout of the world's machine tool manufacturing industry. At the same time, China's machine tool companies have begun to go out of the new experience: from the introduction of pure technology into the cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Since 2002, a series of overseas acquisitions have shown that the internationalization of China's machine tool enterprises has accelerated significantly. Overseas mergers and acquisitions will give China's machine tool industry what kind of impact? From the introduction of technology to the acquisition of foreign brands, China's machine tool enterprises to achieve the internationalization of the dream, there will be a shortcut?

M & a motive

By the end of 2004, Dalian machine tool group costs nearly 10 million euro completed the German Zimmerman Limited acquired 70% stake. This is the Dalian machine following the 2002 acquisition of another major move the United States Ingersoll production systems, the 2003 acquisition of the company after the crankshaft machining system. In the view of the Dalian machine tool group chairman Chen Yongkai Zimmerman, holding just Dalian machine tools to create Chinese aircraft carrier, an established firm steps in the implementation of international strategy.

Previously, Geng Hongchen, general manager of Shenyang machine tool company has just announced to the outside world, Shenyang machine tool group acquired the German company, all of the net assets of the news. According to reports, the Shenyang machine tool group to restart the bankruptcy of the German Heath, the need to invest 80 million yuan, the acquisition of the fund has also been supported by the provincial government. Geng Hongchen believes that the acquisition of Heath company is Shenyang machine tool "to create a world famous brand, a key step in creating the world, long-term strategic objectives, marking the Shenyang machine tool group is realized by the local management to the strategic transformation of transnational operation.

Compared with the two Chinese machine tool industry "known" ambition, Qinchuan machine Limited by Share Ltd to United Industrial Corporation (UAI) Holdings (60% shares), Shanghai Mingjing machine tool company of Germany Warren Begg (53.6%) and Japan IKEGAI company (65%) of the shares acquired, while investment capital to small much, but its intention to expand the international market is also very obvious. Qinchuan machine tool group chairman Long Xingyuan on the acquisition of U.S. company said: "we have a piece of cloth in the American market. Yuan Jianping, general manager of Ming Precision Machine Tool Company, told reporters: the purpose of M & A is to enhance our own, Warren Begg. "

Objectively speaking, whether it is Zimmermann, Warren Begg, Heath of Germany, or the United States, the United States Ingersoll Industrial Company, and Japan IKEGAI company, although it has a glorious history, but the new pattern of the world machine tool industry in the process of forming, are difficult to overcome the difficulties. However, for the Chinese machine tool enterprises, these enterprises and their brands still have considerable value. Yuan Jianping said: "if the machine tool enterprises in the world China definition three flow level, the technical level of these enterprises is still a second level or a little higher. "

Wu Bailin, director general of China Machine Tool Association, the gap between China's machine tool industry and the international level is still very large. He said: through years of technology introduction and digestion and absorption, the technical level of China's machine tool industry has made significant progress, but in the field of high-end machine tools, foreign brands still occupy most of the domestic market. "

Needless to say, the bottleneck technology is the biggest obstacle to the internationalization of Chinese machine enterprises, provides double opportunities and prosperity Chinese machine tool market with the international machine tool industry restructuring undoubtedly China machine tool enterprise. Relatively speaking, the acquisition of foreign machine tool companies than the introduction of pure technology integrated cost is much lower. Wu Bailin said. Dalian machine tool in a summary of the material in this description of Ingersoll's results: "after the merger, merger and acquisition technology 96 special technology, Ingersoll's 9 patents and the two companies and goodwill, trademarks and other intangible assets, all owned by the Dalian machine tool group.

Deliberate shows between the lines. In addition to technical needs, the temptation of well-known brands is difficult to resist factors. Geng Hongchen told the media that Heath of Germany will still maintain its independent legal status, Shenyang machine tool group will continue to do a hundred years of history "Heath" brand, major Longmen CNC milling machine, vertical machining center is still in production in germany. Yuan Jianping is clearly said: Ming precision machine tool to buy Warren Begg's goal is to make the Ming Dynasty machine tool to create a Chinese in the Warren Begg