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Global metal demand situation continues

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The world Bureau of metal statistics before the release of the latest statistics show that the metal varieties supply situation is different, but overall, is still in short supply situation. The gap is relatively large lead market.

Global Metal Statistics (WBMS) said that this year, 1-8 months, the global shortage of 243 thousand tons of copper city, while the same period last year, an excess of 41 thousand tons. Over the same period the global aluminum market surplus 368 thousand tons.

Data show that the first 8 months of this year, the global lead market shortage of 111 thousand tons, the first 8 months of 2006 was a shortage of 57 thousand tons. In the first 8 months of this year, the global zinc market surplus of 153 thousand tons, Tin City surplus of 1800 tons, while the shortage of nickel in the same period, the city of 14000 tons.